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CDI guarantees a plentiful and constant supply of different brands, models and generations of recertified equipment. Through our close and long-term relationships with a variety of technology and leasing partners we are able to access a wide range of products to ensure that you can find the exact equipment you need. 











We currently house over 10,000 units within our 70,000 square foot facility. Our Purchasing Team is responsible for constantly replenishing and maintaining our stock so we never have an issue providing you with the specific item you need. We also have an extensive reporting system that provides us with information to anticipate and react to any product shortages. By foreseeing a shortage of items, we can quickly respond with stockpiling on that particular item.

CDI has the reporting capabilities to forecast the type of models that will emerge onto the refurbished market and their selling rate. By assessing the collected data and market patterns, CDI can provide you with accurate quotes on units that will be available in the months to come. This process contributes to our in-house stock of units ultimately giving you the best variety of equipment.


Our huge selection of brand name equipment allows us to match systems brand for brand and model for model with what you already have in your facilities. We understand how important it is to standardize your technology equipment and we make sure we do so when you purchase from us. We work every day with your fulfillment as our main goal.



CDI processes so many units each month that we’re able to offer prices far below those of new equipment.  If you factor in our increased reliability and ease of service, you’ll also find our machines are cheaper to maintain.  All together, these savings allow you to get double to triple the number of computers into your school, dramatically increasing computer to student ratios.


Commitment to the highest standards

We spend a tremendous amount of time and money to ensure our testing line is the most advanced, effective way to refurbish computers specifically for educational customers. We’ve been selling to the education market for over 20 years and we intimately understand the challenges faced by your technology departments.  Along with that understanding, comes a deep commitment to ensure the highest quality product possible – the decision to save money by going with recertified equipment does not mean you should sacrifice ease of maintenance or durability.

Because of our extensive testing and attention to detail, our failure rates on recertified equipment are the same or lower than the rates published by the original manufacturer.  In addition, we add services such as Hot Swap and custom imaging that further reduce the time your technology coordinator needs to spend installing and maintaining the equipment.

Combine this with our customer service policies and you get the best of both worlds – inexpensive equipment with better service and better reliability than new.


Evaluation units

You may request evaluation units to help you make your decision. Evaluation units are treated as regular stock orders, they are not “cherry picked” to give a false impression of our standard equipment. We ship you the evaluation unit and arrange pick up at no cost. Additionally, you can use the evaluation units to create and test custom images, which we can then retrieve to deploy on all future orders (more about custom imaging later).


We are here to help

The best way to discover what CDI can do for your organization is to contact us and discuss our requirements with one of our dedicated account representatives. Send us an email or call toll free 1-888-226-5727