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St. John The Baptist School’s transition to a superior Wi-Fi Network

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St. John The Baptist School’s transition to a superior Wi-Fi Network

St-John-The-Baptist_Resized St. John The Baptist School’s transition to a superior Wi-Fi NetworkAt a Glance

Name: St. John The Baptist School
City: Harrison
State: Ohio
Student Population: 290
Interesting Fact: St. John The Baptist School is one of only five schools in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati with Jon Peterson certification. 90% of students achieve honor status at the high school level.



St. John The Baptist School is a preschool-eighth grade Catholic elementary school located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The school had a troublesome wireless network that consisted of aging Cisco Small Business WAPs (Wireless Access Points). The WAPs were not centrally managed and did not allow for scalability, functionality or performance needed by a school moving towards 1: 1 student to device ratio.

The WAPs would frequently disconnect and fail to support all the network connections. Despite having a ‘wireless network’, the school still depended on wired connections for their day-to-day operations. The dropped connections rate was enormously high and a daily reboot of WAPs did not provide a workaround. The need for a Wi-Fi solution with simplified network management was of paramount importance.


According to Richard Fiest, the school was in the process of evaluating solutions from Aruba and Aerohive, however, an email from the CDI Rep changed the direction they were taking. After evaluating CDI, the school recognized that it was a superior solution.

CDI deployed a managed, controller-based wireless system from Ruckus. The implementation included a Ruckus 1200 series controller and eleven Ruckus R500 802.11ac 2×2 MIMO Dual-band access points. The solution seamlessly integrated into the school’s existing wired infrastructure. The highlight of the deployment was that it came with a 3-year Manufacturer Support and Warranty.

Looking Ahead

The wireless network performance increased multi-fold after the new deployment. The school was able to overcome the constant complaints about dropped network connections. Unlike the Cisco WAPs, Ruckus access points did not need to be reset each day.

The most important transformation is that the Wi-Fi network management is now centralized and is carried out using user-friendly web interface. Before the CDI deployment, it took the school several days to resolve network connectivity issues, now, the school IT team can troubleshoot the network in real time from any remote location. The school is also able to create multiple, high-security wireless networks running for a different set of users like students, teachers, and guests.

St. John The Baptist School’s immediate goal is to move to a 1:1 program for their 7th and 8th-grade students. The school is confident that the they are well equipped to achieve this goal with the newly installed Ruckus Wireless System from CDI which gives them capabilities for future expansion.

“Since installing the solution from CDI, our wireless network speeds have increased, and we have not had a single dropped connection.”

Mr. Richard Fiest, Technology Director at St. John The Baptist School, Ohio.

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