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Get your devices with your school’s pre-loaded image

Custom imaging is one of our value added services that we offer to our educational customers. Once units are verified in good working order, we have a number of specialists who will work with you to upload the precise images you want on every unit you purchase from us. CDI’s main goal is to make sure you experience a stress free deployment.

  • If you require demo units to create your images we will ship as many as needed to accomplish the goal at no extra charge. Then we will send UPS to pick up the hard drives once you have deployed your image. In our experience, this is the easiest method for creating an original image.

  • If you require it, we have a number of experts who can assist in the actual image creation.

  • Once you configure the system to your exact requirements, we will pick up the hard drive and our automated system will load it on all computers you purchase.

  • We will then store the image on our server forever, always ready to be deployed should you need it.

  • There is no limit to the number of images we will store for you.

  • Images can be changed as often as you like and we retain copies of every image ever created so you can always go back to previous versions.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for it

”Over the past year, MNPS has purchased about $1.5 million worth of high quality refurbished computers from CDI. Had we opted to purchase new, instead of refurbished, systems we would most likely have spent more than $4.5 million to purchase the same number of computers. A single year savings of more than $3 million is a major “win” from any point of view.

Director of I.T.

”The Selah School District has purchased several systems from CDI over the years and is very pleased with the sales, service, and product received. We would recommend CDI to anyone interested in purchasing quality pre-owned computers at a fraction of the new price.”

Technology Coordinator

”We have been working with CDI since 2009 and the relationship has been a mutually beneficial one. Through CDI, we have been able to stretch our IT dollars, which has enabled us to update computers throughout the district and maintain our current technology landscape.”

District Technology Purchasing Agent
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