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Google Digital Tools for Education

Develop future skills with Chromebook apps

As thousands of schools and districts continue to deploy Chromebooks in the classrooms, students and teachers navigate through endless learning options and tools which can be an overwhelming task. In partnership with Google, we put together the best and latest Google Learning Bundles designed to help your team reap the benefits of the Chrome ecosystem.

Creative Apps

The Creative Apps on Chromebooks Bundle will give schools the full creative solution to help bridge the gap of 21st century skills, all while learning the curriculum standards. This bundle includes three apps for use with Chromebooks: ExplainEverything, Soundtrap and WeVideo.

With this inventive suite of creative apps students will be able to animate, record, annotate, collaborate, and explore ideas, easily to make music online and collaboratively edit video in the cloud.

creative-apps Google Digital Tools for Education
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Media Literacy Apps

With countless online news sources to choose from, it’s more important than ever for students to develop media literacy skills that help them understand the difference between reliable information sources and “fake news”. This bundle includes two apps, Frontier and Scrible, designed to help students evaluate and think critically about the information they see online.

medialiteracy Google Digital Tools for Education
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STEM Tools

Students everywhere are exploring important concepts in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), with a level of sophistication that’s rising every year. They’re also developing skills like problem solving and collaboration that they’ll need in higher education and, eventually, in their careers, while being exposed to real-world opportunities to be makers. This bundle features two tools, Dremel 3D40 3D Printer and littleBits, to help students become makers and inventors.

stem-tools Google Digital Tools for Education
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Active Listening Apps

Active listening is the backbone of communication and literacy: if students learn to listen critically, and take away value from what they’re listening to, their comprehension improves—and so does their ability to communicate.

This bundle features two apps, Listenwise and FluencyTutor to show how they integrate active listening into classrooms and lessons, across a range of grades and subjects.

active-listening Google Digital Tools for Education
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