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Charge, deploy and secure your mobile devices

mobiLAB® offers solutions for all your tech transportation, storage and charging needs. The mobiLAB® product line is specifically designed for education and is devoted to providing equipment that is accessible, cost-effective and safe.

CDI has deployed over 17,000 mobile carts into Education. Through thoughtful designs and the most rigorous manufacturing process, mobiLAB® has become a preferred choice across schools in North America.

Outfitting your mobile classroom with student-friendly technology has never been easier.

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With over 35 years of expertise in education technology, we have a distinct understanding of the digital empowerment that schools expect to achieve. mobiLAB® is designed to simplify digital learning in K-12 and make life easier for students, teachers and IT staff. Discover a powerful, reliable and affordable way to embrace the future with mobiLAB® products.

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CDI Tech Team

Our team of experts can precisely boost the device efficiencies of your organization. We provide quick, professional attention with proven expertise in I.T., to enable a smooth, superlative learning or working experience, by equipping flawless technology support.


Don’t Just Take Our Word for it

“These carts are amazing! The designer sure did their homework for wire management.”

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