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Refurb Process

You would think that brand new technology comes with unquestionable peace of mind. What you might not know is that Bluum’s Certification Process results in lower failure rates than brand new equipment and costs roughly a third of the price you’ve been paying.
While most major manufacturers are hesitant to openly share their hardware failure rates with customers, we are proud to share ours with you. Based on a recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports, our failure rates on recertified hardware over three years is at least 50% lower than Acer, Lenovo, Dell & HP.
Bluum Certified equipment originates from the end of lease corporate customers which means they are already the highest quality corporate-grade models from office environments. Once they arrive at Bluum facilities, they are tested, repaired, and loaded with a genuine Operating System.
The certification process is conducted in our 120,000 sq. warehouse by certified technicians and is widely known in the industry as the best alternative to brand new. Bluum Certified hardware goes through a meticulous test and audit process—not once, but twice. Before a unit is sold, it goes through a series of automated diagnostics and manual checks to test for reliability and uniformity to ensure you receive the highest level of quality.
CDI Refurb Process

97% Approval Rating

After the units are recertified, packaged, and shipped to your location, you can count on the most responsive customer service team credited with a 97% approval rating.

1 Source: Annual Product Reliability Survey. Consumer Reports National Research Center.