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Retire and recycle your old I.T. Assets with CDI and generate revenue for your next I.T. Program.

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  • If you have old I.T. equipment stored in your school or institution and you’re not sure how to dispose of it, we can conduct a free valuation of your assets and a plan on how to retire and recycle them.
  • If you’re still running Windows or Apple and are planning to transition to Chromebooks, we can help by providing a complete I.T. Asset Disposition (ITAD) solution which includes hardware de-installation, data eradication and compliant recycling.

Complete ITAD Solution

Through Lifespan, our ITAD Division, you will receive the highest possible value for your retired assets which opens more room in the budget to fund your next I.T. project. We’re currently working with hundreds of districts in the US in I.T. refresh programs. Ask us how we do it.

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Lifespan is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CDI Computer Dealers Inc., with a proven expertise in IT Asset Disposition spanning over 15 years. Lifespan is a preferred ITAD partner to global brands, well known corporate entities, educational institutions and government departments.

Our Philosophy

In everything we do, our focus remains single-minded, We do ITAD right.

Data Security

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Value Recovery

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List of I.T. Assets Processed

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