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Are your school’s I.T. needs exceeding your budget?

For over 35 years we’ve been working with thousands of Educational customers and have crafted solutions to simplify I.T. purchases while delivering more technology in the hands of more students.

With CDI’s K-12 leasing Program, reaching a 1:1 environment is finally possible. Whether you’re looking to deploy Notebooks, Chromebooks, PC, Servers or any other technology products, our leasing program will allow you to buy and deploy your technology this year while stretching payments.

Adopted by hundreds of schools in North America, this program has become increasingly popular and allows your school to keep pace with technology changes even while on a tight budget.

Why consider leasing


Turn your budgeting process into a simple question of the number of devices needed multiplied by a fixed unit cost.


Reduce or increase the number of devices at any time without change to the unit cost.


Upgrade your technology at regular intervals based on your evolving I.T. needs.

  • Achieve 1:1 much faster

  • Reduce your overall cost of ownership

  • Refresh your I.T. as often as your school requires

  • Stretch your payments over 3 or 4 years

  • Turn capital expenditures into operating costs

CDI Leasing Program

CDI – A Total Tech Solutions Provider

As a total technology provider, CDI continues to support schools with a wide range of products and services especially tailored for school environment. Our team ensures that schools are better positioned to deliver and support technology in the hands of their students. We achieve it with our systematic end-to-end education solutions:



Don’t Just Take Our Word for it

”We have been working with CDI since 2009 and the relationship has been a mutually beneficial one. Through CDI, we have been able to stretch our IT dollars, which has enabled us to update computers throughout the district and maintain our current technology landscape.”

District Technology Purchasing Agent

”The Selah School District has purchased several systems from CDI over the years and is very pleased with the sales, service, and product received. We would recommend CDI to anyone interested in purchasing quality pre-owned computers at a fraction of the new price.”

Technology Coordinator

”Over the past year, MNPS has purchased about $1.5 million worth of high quality refurbished computers from CDI. Had we opted to purchase new, instead of refurbished, systems we would most likely have spent more than $4.5 million to purchase the same number of computers. A single year savings of more than $3 million is a major “win” from any point of view.

Director of I.T.
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