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Turn your teachers’ fears of teaching into excitement

Transitioning to new technology such as Chromebooks can be very stressful on your teaching staff. Many educators face the challenge of adopting these new technologies while still trying to teach students and keep the classrooms dynamic.

With CDI’s Professional Development Programs, your staff will embrace the new technology and get excited about utilizing it effectively to change the way they teach.



Leverage the technology in the classroom to take digital learning to a whole new level.


Increased communication and organization helps measure student progress and success.


Deliver student-focused lessons and inspire creativity in the classroom.

Thanks to our Partnership with EdTechTeam, a certified Google for Education partner, CDI can provide teachers and educators professional development workshops. CDI clients can sign up for EdTechTeam workshops on topics such as Chromebooks, Chrome OS, G Suite, Google Drive and Classroom Workflows. All workshops are led by EdTechTeam’s staff of Google Innovators and Certified Trainers.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word for it

“I was very intimidated by the idea of integrating tech and changing the dynamic of my classroom but now I am confident that I can change a few things next year and be successful. Everything was very step by step and easy to follow. Thank you so much for all the great tools and inspiring me to be a different teacher than I was last year.”
Melissa Bauer, South Dakota Summit Attendee 2017

“This Summit was the first time I not only understood that teachers need to embrace a changing world in their classrooms, but I felt that I was a given about a hundred tools to do so. Thank you for empowering me!”

Emily Fitzpatrick

“There is something for everyone. If you’re uncomfortable with technology this event will help you! Be brave. Come!”

Kenora Kallsyrom, Fergus Falls Summit Attendee 2017