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Comprehensive Warranties

We have removed all red tape when fulfilling warranty.

CDI offers the easiest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry while reducing your maintenance costs to $0 and saving your precious time and resources. Our warranties are backed up by exceptional Customer Service. We believe that warranty fulfillment should never be a revenue source and that’s why we have designed a warranty package to give you peace of mind.

Benefits of CDI Warranty

  • Speak to our technicians and solve the problem remotely
  • Send a unit under warranty back to CDI for repairs or request a full replacement

  • Suggest any other valid solution and watch our staff implement it

  • Over 20 years of expertise with school-specific issues

  • Single contact who will solve all issues without transfers or delays

Warranty Programs for Education*

$0 Cost of Ownership Guarantee for Education

With CDI’s standard warranty for education customers, there is no additional cost to maintain your units. We pay shipping both ways, we pay for the parts and we ensure that once you have the equipment, you will not go out of pocket to keep them running as long as they are being used in a reasonable manner.

Premium-Extended-Warranty Warranty

Premium Extended Warranty

  • PCs and Notebooks for up to five years
  • Chromebooks for up to four years
  • I.T. Infrastructure products for up to three years
Accidental-Damage-Warranty-Icon Warranty

Accidental Damage Warranty

For Chromebooks and other mobile devices for up to four years – choose from “Stay in school” or “Take home” options based on device usage.

Lifetime-Warranty-Icon Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

On Mobile Cart parts and 3-year Warranty on electrical components and doors

Warranty Programs for Resellers

Reseller-60-Day-Warranty-Icon Warranty

60 Day Warranty

All products purchased come with a 60 Day Standard Warranty which gives you the advantage of buying products at the lowest price point. You have the option to add warranty (for up to three years) to your products within 60 days of purchase. If your units are DOA (Dead on Arrival) within the first 15 days, we will ship a replacement unit at our expense.

Reseller-Extended-Warranty-Icon Warranty

Extended Warranty

Increase revenue with premium extended warranty for up to three years. Choose extended warranty on PCs & LCDs, Notebooks, Chromebooks, and I.T. Infrastructure.

Looking to fulfill warranty or buy extended warranties?

Our customer service staff is available weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for it

“CDI matches or exceeds the warranty given by new manufacturers like Dell or HP but still provides the same brand name systems my tech department was used to. They work closely with me to solve any problems and over the years we’ve had very few issues.”

Principal/Technology Coordinator , Bickleton School District, Washington
“CDI has been very easy to work with and you stand behind the products you sell. The warranty process is easy and we have never had to wait a long time for any type of response or resolution.”
Director of Technology , Liberty, MO

“Thankful, CDI provides me with high quality computers that are powerful enough to run the latest software. The great thing is that they do this at a significantly lower cost including warranty and great service! In our case, we were even able to add extended warranties for a minimal price.”

Director of Technology , Portland, MI
“CDI’s Customer Service Team and the warranties provided exceeded our expectations. They responded to our technical needs very quickly. They are knowledgeable and experienced with the problems we approach them about. Our technical staff appreciates the fact that CDI respects their ability to diagnose any problems and their right to decide the right course of action. We have established a solid relationship with CDI since their main goal is to help us achieve ours.”
Director of Technology , Kaufman, TX
testimonials-300x300 Warranty

* Restrictions might apply depending on the equipment and type of warranty. Please contact us for specific warranty details on the products you’ve purchased or products you’re interested in.