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CDI is more than a vendor, it’s a friend

Educators, Business, technical, and industry experts share best practices on the latest technologies in different businesses. Watch our featured on–demand webinar recordings.

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Improving teaching skills through Professional Development

Watch the webinar to learn how you can turn teachers’ fears into excitement though fun and dynamic professional development programs that are exclusively designed for educators.

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What to do with your school’s aged technology

Join our webinar to learn how you can retire your school’s aged technology while mitigating risks and possibly getting value to help fund your next IT program.

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Virtual Reality in Classrooms

In this webinar, you can learn how Virtual Reality and Google Expeditions in the classroom can offer many more opportunities for classroom instruction beyond virtual field trips.

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Google Learning – Active Listening Apps

In this webinar, we will look at two apps, Listenwise and Fluency Tutor to show how they integrate active listening into classrooms and lessons, across a range of grades and subjects.

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Google Learning – STEM Tools

In partnership with Google, we’ve created a webinar to explore STEM tools and tools such as Dremel 3D40 3D Printer and littleBits, to help students become makers and inventors.

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Google Learning – Media Literacy Apps

In partnership with Google, we’ve created a webinar to explore two apps, Frontier and Scrible, designed to help students evaluate and think critically about the information they see online.

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Google Learning – Creative Apps

In partnership with Google, we’ve created a webinar to take you through three apps; Explain Everything, Soundtrap and WeVideo, to show how teachers can engage their students in innovative ways in the classroom.

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Google Learning Bundles – Improving learning outcomes by leveraging the Chrome ecosystem.

In partnership with Google, we’ve created a webinar to take you through the best and latest Google Learning Bundles designed to help your team reap the benefits of the Chrome ecosystem.

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Professional Development – Leverage the power of Chromebooks

By Glenn Collins, Executive VP, CDI Computers – Specializing in Mobile Computing technology and the associated services and Lisa Thumann, Senior Director, Teaching & Learning, EdTechTeam.

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Impero: How to better manage your digital classrooms

CDI has partnered with Impero to offer cross-platform management software for today’s classrooms. Centralize all aspects of digital learning – classroom management, network management and online safety.

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Glenn Collins, VP of Business Development and Emrys Brand, Customer Support Specialist at MobyMax, evaluate the benefits of using MobyMax, that offers individualized learning plans for students based on their needs.

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GoGuardian: Manage, monitor and protect your Chromebooks

Whether you’ve deployed Chromebooks or are planning to roll out Chrome devices in your classroom, you will want to learn about GoGuardian, the most powerful software for Chromebooks in the K-12 market.

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Maximize the value of Chromebooks in your classrooms

Maximize the benefits of the Chromebook ecosystem to enhance the effectiveness of Digital Education. We’ve worked with thousands of school districts and we’d like to share best practices.

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Effective Utilization of Mobile Windows Devices in the Classroom

Glenn Collins, VP of Business Development for Education and Mobile Computing, shares the best practices to enhance digital learning through Windows mobile devices in classrooms.

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Chrome Deployments – Beyond the device

Glenn Collins, VP of Business Development for Education at CDI Computers, discusses methods and ways to maximize the benefits of effectively using Chromebooks in your school or classrooms.

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